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Retain Community Wardens in Cranmore 

RESIDENTS IN Cranmore had concerns that the Community Wardens were to be laid off before Christmas and at the time I contacted ULA Deputy Joan Collins to raise the matter with the Minister for the Environment, Cllr Declan Bree told a meeting of Sligo Borough Council.

"The Minister told her that funding was initially provided from the Sustainable Communities Fund for the Community Warden Scheme.   He said the Borough Council sought approval in 2010 to use Regeneration Funding to support the Community Wardens Scheme and approval to this effect issued in August 2011.  The Minister said that €72,954 had been provided for the Wardens in 2011 and that his Department will review the continued funding arrangements for the scheme in the context regeneration work programme for this year.

"Given the valuable work the Community Wardens carry out in Cranmore I feel confident that the Minister will continue to fund the scheme.

"During the period 2008 to 2010 the total cost of the Community Warden scheme in Cranmore was €163,350.  In contrast in the same period over €1million was provided to cover the salaries of the staff in the Regeneration Office in Cranmore. In addition the Regeneration office separately paid out a sum of €115,000 in Technical fees in respect of the grass mounds in the estate which still remain in place, and over €260,000 was paid in fees to consultants.

"In this context it is clear that the Community Wardens clearly provide value for money." he said.
Cllr Bree then proposed the following motion:- “That the Borough Council, recognising the valuable work carried out by the community wardens confirms that it will continue to provide matching funds to maintain the community wardens scheme in Cranmore.”   The motion was seconded by Cllr Chris MacManus and was unanimously adopted.


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